For Progress: Tristram Hunt is making waves

I’ve got a post over at Progress that develops on some of my thoughts about Tristram Hunt’s debut as Shadow Education Secretary and brings in a few issues I didn’t consider in my initial post (as well as having a slight pop at some of the more febrile responses Hunt has received since last Sunday).

Tristram Hunt made a strong start in his new role as shadow secretary of state for education last weekend: a clear and passionate exchange on the Andrew Marr show (best line: ‘I’ve got a PhD from Cambridge. No one needs to tell me about rigour’) followed a frank interview with the Mail on Sunday in which he put the rhetorical rocket-boosters under the parent-led academy plan outlined by his predecessor Stephen Twigg, and also took the time to apologise to ‘yummy mummies’ and ‘faddy daddies’ for deriding currently-open free schools as vanity projects.

Such a robust opening act has made waves among the Labour education establishment…

You can read the rest on the Progress website.

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