Shave Your Skin the Way Experts Do It

Lately, more and more men have been claiming that they having a problem shaving. Claiming their skin is too sensitive to shave their face properly. Every time the razor touches the skin it just scars. Strangely, these men come form the USA. Experts say the men do not have sensitive skin. In their minds, men complaining about shaving do not know how to shave. Skin type does not play a factor that prevents them from having a normal and relaxing shave. Whatever the true cause, English Shaving Company wants to help those men out by giving them the best tips for shaving.

Use Shaving Cream Works for Sensitive Skin

Shaving cream works really well on sensitive skin. It is hard to say which product exactly because people have different skin types. But, find a shaving cream you can use. The best shaving cream for sensitive skin on the market. Test it out. Put on a little to the face. Do not overdue the amount. Just put on enough to smear across the face. Each time, stand still for a few minutes for the shaving cream to inject in skin. Then, you should be all set to shave face with shaving cream. Now, not all shaving creams are going to work. Your going to need to test out shaving creams one by one. Figure out which one perfectly works for your face by testing out only. Experts claim there is no one shaving cream fits all. You got to try them all to find one that makes shaving on face easier.

Alternatively, use soap mixed with water to shave face. There some people who use soap and water to shave face. The mixture works really good on hard to shave skin. People who have hair that just do not want to move should consider this. Unfortunately, there is more to it then mixing soap and water. Not any soap will do for shaving. No, don’t go using that cheap hotel soap just yet. You’re going to need something that works for your face. Could be soap you find at a beauty shop or soap at local store. Hard to say which one because your skin type is the one that picks the soap. With that, I recommend you buy boxes of soap of different types. Play around with the soap types and I am sure you will find the soap your looking for.

Best Technique to Shave With

Gently move the razor in the direction of hair growth to shave. In other words, shave in direction your hair grows. Doing this will make the hairs on your face cut faster and irritate less. You ever cut the back hair on head? Notice how it does not want to cut until you cut it in the opposite direction. Sometimes, the same logic applies to hair growing on face. It looks like it all grows at the same postilion. However, if one were to look deeper into the mirror, they would see hairs growing in many different directions. That razor must go in many different directions also to cut every inch of that face hair. Use best shaving cream for sensitive skin to help the skin cut smoother on top of technique. With this in mind, use this technique to shave all parts of your face.

What is more, cold water does a good job helping the hair on your face relax. I know you don’t like feeling uncomfortable. But, experts strongly suggest you use cold water instead of hot water. Cold water biologically makes hairs react better and release grip on skin more. Razor cuts skin with far less effort. Humans have been using cold water for shaving for thousands of years. Doesn’t make much sense to break that cycle and irritate the evolution process by shaving with warm water.

Consider Using Aftercare Lotion

Touching your face up with aftercare lotion is a great way to prepare sensitive skin for a shave. Before each shave, apply a little lotion to the face. Can be a lot of lotion if desired. Apply the lotion and let it sit for 3 minutes. Hold for the skin to become moisturized and hydrated. Allow more water to enter into the hard stuck face hairs. Change the hairs into very soft hairs and make your shave go by quicker. To add, the lotion makes the razors 3 times sharper and makes you feel less pain on each shave. All in all, experts recommend you use aftercare lotion each time you shave.