What You Should Not Wear While Pregnant

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of challenges for the mom-to-be. That’s the reason why any pregnant woman needs to be extra cautious in everything that will affect her general health as well as the safety of the child in her womb. One of the concerns of any pregnant mom is the type of maternity outfit, like the best leggings for pregnancy, tops, shoes, and, of course, the things that should not be worn while pregnant.

One of the common challenges that a pregnant mom would have would be the comfort that an outfit could provide her while she is wearing one. While choosing the best maternity outfit is more of a personal choice, there are certain types of outfits that are better worn only before and after pregnancy. Not that they may pose any danger to the child, but as they could just add up to the uncomfortable feeling that a pregnant mom already feels. Why would anyone have to deal with that when it can actually be avoided.

Why should you stick to comfortable clothes when you are pregnant?

During pregnancy, you experience a myriad of changes. These include morning sickness, headaches, exhaustion, sore breasts, swelling, mood swings, as well as weight gain. As your pregnancy progresses, your body continues to expand to accommodate the developing baby in your uterus. The discomfort that you experience will vary from month to month, and will just seem to intensify as you near the time to deliver your baby.

You may not be able to change how the hormones can affect how your body will respond to your pregnancy, but you can definitely adjust your lifestyle to compensate for the drastic changes that you will experience along the way.

Ease Pregnancy discomfort with the proper maternity outfit

One of the ways that can make you feel more relaxed and ease much of the discomfort while you are pregnant, is to opt for comfortable pregnancy outfits. It can also lessen the probability that mood swings will occur as well. Don’t you find it easier to go about the day when you think and feel that you are dressed properly for the day?

The right maternity wear will give the needed support for your bulging tummy. As it feels and looks right, there is a greater chance that your body won’t manifest any irritation. Sweating will also be not much of a concern as you will feel comfortable while wearing the right maternity outfit. For instance, if you wear the proper pair of footwear, there will be a greater chance that you will not feel any pain in your legs, nor see them swelling.

Fashion can mean so much to you, but as an expecting woman, you need to understand that you and your baby’s health are your primary concern during this period. You can’t just go about picking clothes that many celebrities are flaunting on their social media accounts. These pieces of maternity wear are usually tight-fitting and not cut or styled as how a doctor would rather want you to cover your body or provide you comfort while you are still heavy with a baby.

‘One size bigger’ is the general rule of the thumb when it comes to maternity wear. But as there is no one-size-fits-all thing with a condition like pregnancy, you still have to consider a number of things when choosing the best maternity outfit. Knowing what you should not wear when you are pregnant will give you a better idea of what will best provide you with the most comfort during pregnancy.

Things that you should NOT wear while pregnant

There’s no denying that your condition can put you through a lot of stress when you are expecting. You also cannot change the fact that the dresses and footwear that make you feel best before your pregnancy won’t be able to provide you with the same comfort now that you are having a baby soon.

You need to choose between outfits that will be most beneficial to your condition than those that can pose danger not only to you but also to your baby, such as those listed below.

Tight Clothing

Any outfit that clings too well on your skin will only intensify any discomfort that you may already be feeling while you are pregnant. If you prefer wearing leggings, you may still want to look for the best leggings for pregnancy as they are specifically designed to provide support to the growing bump, as well as to your back. Putting on anything that will add pressure to your abdomen is definitely a must NOT wear.

Oversized clothes

It’s not that you want to feel comfortable that you will just buy and wear oversized clothes. Yes, you need to wear something less straining on different parts of your body, but that doesn’t mean that you’d just pick one that’s super loose that you will look like ages younger than you really are. You can find one that’s well-fitted yet can make you feel not too restricted and still look appealing. Do not sacrifice your looks for comfort. Remember that you can always have both at the same time.


Clothes made from synthetic and non-breathable fabrics. Polyester, chiffon, georgette, and other synthetic fabrics will make you feel hot and cause you to sweat more when you are pregnant. Opt for maternity clothes made of cotton, combed cotton, organic fabrics and other fabrics that will let your skin breathe instead.

High Heels

Wearing high heels can only add discomfort to your back and lower body. Flats are more comfortable and a lot safer to wear when you are pregnant.

Wrong underwear

Your breasts will grow as it prepares the body for nursing. It will also feel sore and more tender. Needless to say, you need to wear bras that won’t add to the discomfort that you are already experiencing. Avoid padded bras and those made with an underwire. Choose bras that will provide enough coverage, optimum support, and will accommodate your breasts as they grow with your pregnancy.


Again, you need to wear the most comfortable and clean maternity outfit that will also provide the confidence to go through the rest of your pregnancy months. If you have a favorite maternity attire, do mention them in the comments below.


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